Public Unveiling
Diverse Coalitions
Tornado cookies

Artist’s Note

As a whimsical femininist from the vermilion Texas desert, my worldview hasn't shattered, but surrealized. There are volumes to paint on the modern American Western Progressive Experience - on streetwear and western wear, racism and christianity, social media threads and community organizing meetings, and the people who live it each day. Impossible to portray in their totality, I offer my painted and sewn perspective as a provocation.

Reckoning with the dark truths of our heritage and employing a childlike futurism, my work is for the new world from the old world about the world in between.

Through her work, Rebekah Danae employs comic self-portraiture and wearable art objects as commentary on 1) the normalcy afforded by white privilege during societal collapse and 2) the niche underground of futuristic Oklahoma country kids fighting for liberation through healing cultural creation.