Ascending I
Ascending II
Ascending III

Artist’s Note

In 2010, I was an addict who had experienced homelessness, jails, and institutions. When I began my recovery process in May of that year, I learned I had to be "open, willing, and honest." I recorded three songs oriented around each of these three words. In music, we face the challenge of telling a story without words. By looping and layering effects over electric guitar tracks, I hope to provide a soundtrack to the experience of recovery, whatever that recovery is from.

When making music, my focus is on creating soundscapes with the electric guitar that are then treated with electronics. I am fascinated by minimalism and repetition. Listeners will observe across my music a hypnotic layering of melodics that evolve and dissipate but maintain a steady tone center.

I've been creating, releasing and regionally performing ambient centered, cinematic and atmospheric guitar-based music under my own name since 2015. I am a funeral director and embalmer by trade. I always gives tribute to this by maintaining a clean-cut appearance and dressing in a suit and tie, which I also view as a way to give art the respect it deserves. Frequently, my performances and recording sessions are scheduled directly after working at the funeral home. In my music, I've attempted to portray the emotion and the feelings of struggle without it being overtly dark. My past experience of overcoming a life of drug addiction helps me do this: find hope in despair.