The text scrawled into this piece reads "many things are so uncertain all at once so i imagine lotuses growing like vines all over my field of vision & field of anxiety but padmasana is not coming easily because of the aforementioned quantities of variables so i drew this instead—an anxiety-filled rendition meditation created in one sitting on bristol paper w/my favorite 005 micron pen & my barely-coping roommate's old tupperware lid to trace the circle after reading & re-reading "fieldnotes from the in between" by my very dear friend lisa (drawn somehow all in one sitting) & did you know we have matching cartilage piercings? & aren't the neurotic scratch-like pen marks just a bit harrowing? one of my uglier works!i miss my friends & space but keep hope & art." Then I super-imposed the drawing onto a moon and gave it light and space, thank goodness.

Details: micron ink on bristol, digital manipulation, 12"x12"